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NTT Group Communication Expo

Tags: ALMA Topics

NTT Group Communication EXPO was held at Tokyo International Forum from December 20 to 22. As part of their exhibition, there were demonstrations of remote-con…


NAOJ Cosmic Radio Committee

Tags: ALMA Topics

NAOJ Cosmic Radio Committee meeting was held with extensive range of users as observers to discuss the role of Nobeyama Radio Observatory in the ALMA era, spec…


ALMA-J all-hands meeting

Tags: ALMA Discoveries

ALMA-J all-hands meeting (combined with a year-end party) was held with project members (currently 72 including graduate students, and most of them belong to A…


ACA System PDR

Tags: ALMA Discoveries

Atacama Compact Array (ACA) is an array consisted of twelve 7-m antennas and four 12-m antennas, which was introduced in ALMA by the participation of Japan. A …


ACA 12m antenna CDR+MRR1

Tags: ALMA Discoveries

A review of the 12-m antenna for the Atacama Compact Array (ACA) developed by Japan was held at Itami (near Osaka) on November 8 and 9. The review committee in…


ALMA Board in Santiago

Tags: ALMA Discoveries

The ALMA Board meeting was held in Santiago on November 1 and 2 with the participation of Norio Kaifu (NAOJ Director General), Masato Ishiguro (ALMA-J project …


Concrete plant at OSF

Tags: ALMA Discoveries

At the ALMA Operations Support Facility (OSF), a special ambulance was deployed in a healthcare room, and a concrete plant was completed for the construction o…


Public lecture at Nagano Tech

Tags: ALMA Topics

An astronomical lecture presentation tiled “New picture of the universe explored by ALMA, gigantic radio telescope in the Andes” (hosted by Nagano …