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Bending tests of cables

Tags: ALMA Topics

Comparing a telescope to a human body, while components such as receivers are internal organs, cables to connect them are blood vessels that have very importan…


ALMA-J All-Hands Meeting

Tags: ALMA Topics

The ALMAJ All-Hands Meeting (and yearend party) was held. In the meeting, we shared the vision toward next year by reviewing this years achievements and curren…


The death of Pinochet

Tags: ALMA Topics

Former president of Chile, Augusto Pinochet, who led the military junta for 16 and half years, died at a military hospital about around 2:00 pm on December 10.…


12th ALMA Public Lecture

Tags: ALMA Topics

The 12th ALMA Public Lecture titled Universe explored by the gigantic radio telescope in the Andes EFrom the cradle of stars to massive black holes was held i…


ALMA Board

Tags: ALMA Discoveries

From November 9 through 10, the ALMA Board was held in Madrid, Spain. Fom Japan, Shoken Miyama (Director General of NAOJ) attended the meeting with ALMA-J exec…


2006 Open Day at Mitaka Campus

Tags: ALMA Topics

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan held its 2006 Open Day at Mitaka Campus. This year, ALMA-J Project Office presented: explanation of ALMA using poste…