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ALMA External Review

Tags: ALMA Discoveries

From September 10 through 12, a three-day joint external review of the ALMA project was held in Santiago, Chile. From Japan, 7 people attended the meeting: Nob…


Open Campus at Nobeyama

Tags: ALMA Topics

Nobeyama Radio Observatory held a special open day event on Saturday, and attracted as many as 2695 people this year. At the ALMA booth, we presented mini-lect…


3rd Day of Omoshiro Science Fair

Tags: ALMA Topics

On the third day of Omoshiro Science Fair and the final day of the ALMA event, Tomohiko Sekiguchi (research expert at ALMA-J Project Office) gave a presentatio…


17th ALMA Public Lecture

Tags: ALMA Topics

On the second day of OMOSHIRO Science Fair, the ALMA event is continuously being held. In the afternoon, the 17th ALMA Public Lecture titled “Mysteries o…


Omoshiro Science Fair

Tags: ALMA Topics

From August 11 through 13, as part of OMOSHIRO Science Fair (“OMOSIRO” means “exciting” in Japanese) which is being held at the Tsukuba…


16th ALMA Public Lecture

Tags: ALMA Topics

The 16th ALMA Public Lecture titled “Mysteries of the Galaxies and Planets Explored by ALMA” was held in the Science Hall of the Sapporo Science Ce…


CASA Users Test

Tags: ALMA Discoveries

From July 9 through 11, an internal user test of CASA (Common Astronomical Software Applications) was conducted in the headquarters of European Southern Observ…



Tags: ALMA Topics

Everyday a variety of people (such as NAOJ staff and visitors) go through the front gate of NAOJ. Lucky-chan is a watchdog who lives in a doghouse next to the …