Concerning inquiries

1. Request for interview
If you wish to request an interview to ALMA, please send the following documents by e-mail or FAX. If you want to visit the ALMA site in Chile for news coverage or other TV/radio/magazine programs, you may send a request to the Joint ALMA Observatory.

[Documents to be submitted]

  • Contents of Interview (target, place and date)
  • Interview plan (purpose and outline)
  • Past programs or articles based on a similar plan (if any)

NAOJ ALMA Project (Education & Public Outreach)

Address: 2-21-1, Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan 181-8588
Phone: +81-422-34-3843 Fax: +81-422-34-3764
E-mail: (replace _atmark_ with @)

The NAOJ ALMA Project will let you know the interview availability as soon as possible.

2. For Researchers
If you are a researcher belonging to a research institute in the East Asia region (Japan, Taiwan, and Korea) and you would like to make a press release on your research results based on ALMA data, please contact us at the following e-mail address. Since it takes about one month to prepare a press release, it would be helpful if you contact us just before or after the official acceptance of the paper so that we can prepare the press release in a timely manner.

NAOJ ALMA Project: (replace _atmark_ with @)

If you are in other regions, please contact with the relevant ALMA Executives (National Radio Astronomy Observatory for North America, European Southern Observatory for Europe), or the Joint ALMA Observatory.

3. General inquiry
If you have a question for us, please e-mail (replace _atmark_ with @)