Concerning inquiries

1. Request for interview
If you wish to request an interview to ALMA, please send the following documents by e-mail or FAX. If you want to visit the ALMA site in Chile for news coverage or other TV/radio/magazine programs, you may send a request to the Joint ALMA Observatory.

[Documents to be submitted]

  • Contents of Interview (target, place and date)
  • Interview plan (purpose and outline)
  • Past programs or articles based on a similar plan (if any)

NAOJ ALMA Project (Education & Public Outreach)

Address: 2-21-1, Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan 181-8588
Phone: +81-422-34-3843 Fax: +81-422-34-3764
E-mail: (replace _atmark_ with @)

The NAOJ ALMA Project will let you know the interview availability as soon as possible.

2. General inquiry
If you have a question for us, please use this form to submit a message.

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