List of Researchers

Research Staff in NAOJ Chile Observatory

List of researchers in NAOJ Chile Observatory. [S] indicates the faculty members of SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies), [T] indicates the affiliated faculty members of the University of Tokyo. Researchers with [C] are stationed in Chile.

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member.nameResearch Theme / Keywords
[T][C] Seiichi Sakamoto (Professor)structure and evolution of molecular clouds
Tetsuo Hasegawa (Distinguished Professor)formation of stars and planets, molecular clouds
[S] Satoru Iguchi (Professor)galaxy formation, black holes, searching "second Earth", interferometer technologies
Ryusuke Ogasawara (Professor)Observation system
[S][C] Seiji Kameno (Professor)Observation system
[S] Ken'ichi Tatematsu (Professor)star formation, evolution of molecular clouds, software development
[C] Norikazu Mizuno (Professor)Magellanic clouds, molecular clouds, star formation, system evaluation
[S][C] Yoshiharu Asaki (Associate Professor)Active Galactic Nuclei
[S][C] Shin'ichiro Asayama (Associate Professor)receiver development
[S] Daisuke Iono (Associate Professor)radio astronomy, galaxies
[C] Takeshi Okuda (Associate Professor)radio astronomy, galaxies
Hitoshi Kiuchi (Associate Professor)Interferometer technologies
George Kosugi (Associate Professor)Software development
Akiko Kawamura (Associate Professor)Magellanic clouds, star formation
[S] Daniel Espada (Associate Professor)Interacting galaxies, nearby galaxies
[S] Hiroshi Nagai (Associate Professor)Active Galactic Nuclei, relativistic jets
[S] Koichiro Nakanishi (Associate Professor)starburst galaxies, evolution of galaxies, antenna
[C] Shun Ishii (Assistant Professor)
[S] Hajime Ezawa (Assistant Professor)structure and evolution of galaxy clusters, antenna
Takeshi Kamazaki (Assistant Professor)molecular clouds, star formation, interferometer technologies
[C] Tsuyoshi Sawada (Assistant Professor)molecular clouds, structure of galaxies, interferometer technologies
[S] Masumi Shimojo (Assistant Professor)Solar physics
[S][C] Satoko Takahashi (Assistant Professor)radio astronomy, star formation
[S] Masaaki Hiramatsu (Assistant Professor)low-mass star formation
[S][C] Akihiko Hirota (Assistant Professor)molecular clouds in nearby galaxies
[S] Yuichi Matsuda (Assistant Professor)formation and evolution of galaxies
Eiji Akiyama (Assistant Professor)protoplanetary disks, star formation, molecular clouds, astrochemistry
Fumi Egusa (Assistant Professor)radio astronomy, nearby galaxies
Joten Okamoto (NAOJ Fellow)Solar physics
Kazuya Saigo (Assistant Professor)star formation
Rie Miura (Assistant Professor)radio astronomy, nearby galaxies, massive star formation
Yiping Ao (Postdoctoral Fellow)star formation, gas excitation, interacting galaxies, Lyman alpha blobs, radio astronomy
Natsuko Izumi (Postdoctoral Fellow)star formation
Toshiki Saito (Postdoctoral Fellow)Active Galactic Nuclei, Merging and Interacting Galaxies, Submillimeter Galaxies
Xing Walker Lu (Postdoctoral Fellow)High-mass star formation
Patricio Sanhueza (Postdoctoral Fellow)high-mass star formation, Infrared dark clouds
[S] Takashi Noguchi (Professor)Superconducting device
Shan Wenlei (Associate Professor)Superconducting device
[S] Takafumi Kojima (Assistant Professor)Receiver development
Alvaro Gonzalez (Assistant Professor)Receiver development
Matthias Kroug (Postdoctoral Fellow)Superconducting device