COVID-19 (coronavirus) Measures at ALMA

With the current developments in Chile related to coronavirus, the ALMA Director decided to initiate preparations for the total shutdown of the Observatory. This shutdown will enable ALMA staff to reduce social contact through not traveling to and from the Observatory, better protect them and their families, and help reduce the spread of the virus.

The current plan is:
• The last science operations will completed by 21:00 Thursday, March 19 (Chilean Time) and shut down procedures of the ALMA observatory will start.
• The number of staff and contractors at the Observatory site in the Atacama is being reduced, and will continue until the shutdown is completed on Sunday, March 22.
• ALMA Observatory staff will continue to ensure the safety and security of the site during the shutdown.
• All Santiago-based staff are now working from home.

Since this is a rapidly developing situation, ALMA management will be regularly re-evaluating the situation. We ask for the understanding of all affected by these extraordinary measures.

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