Sho Masui Receives Electronics Society Student Award for Presentation Related to ALMA Development

Sho Masui, a project researcher fellow at the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), received the Electronics Society Student Award at the 2023 Society Conference of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE). The Electronics Society Student Award is given to students who have made outstanding presentations in the field of electronics.
This award is in recognition of Masui’s presentation at the General Conference in March where he presented measurement results at cryogenic temperatures (around 4 kelvin) of the characteristics of a waveguide component used in mm-wave receivers. It is well known that the characteristics of waveguide components have a significant impact on receiver performance, especially as the receiver bandwidth becomes wider. Therefore, it is very important to measure them in the actual operation environment, such as at cryogenic temperatures. There are not many cases where these cold measurements have been performed accurately due to the influence of additional waveguides or other accessories that prevent heat or air penetration. Masui and his colleagues succeeded in obtaining very accurate measurement results by increasing the repeatability of the system and reducing the influence of multiple reflections using 2-tier calibrations. It is expected that the frequency characteristics obtained with high accuracy at the actual operating temperature will be important for further improvement of receiver performance and identification of issues. These newly developed techniques will be applied to the development of future receivers.

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