ALMA Special Session

Astronomical Society of Japan held its 2006 Spring Meeting at Wakayama University from March 27 through 29. In the ALMA Special Session held in the afternoon of the final day, Tetsuo Hasegawa (ALMA-J Project Manager) gave a report on the current status of ALMA-J, Ryohei Kawabe (ALMA-J Project Scientist) presented scientific operation plans for ALMA, Paul Ho (Director of Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics of Taiwan) gave a briefing of Taiwan’s participation in ALMA, and Satoshi Yamamoto (Professor of the University of Tokyo) gave a status report on the strategy for scientific research using ALMA. The session provided an opportunity for around 150 participants of the meeting to exchange views on a wide variety of issues and engage in heated debates. The picture shows the audience hearing the presentation of the scientific operation plans for ALMA.