Good Design Special Award Ceremony 2013

The Good Design Special Award Ceremony 2013 was held by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) at The Ritz Carlton, Tokyo. Tetsuo Hasegawa, Director of the NAOJ Chile Observatory, attended the ceremony to receive a certificate and trophy for the Gold Award to the ALMA Morita Array.

 a trophy for the Gold Award to the ALMA Morita Array.

(Photo) A miniature model of the Morita Array 12-m antenna and a trophy

Director Hasegawa says, “We all are truly honored to have been highly evaluated at the Good Design Award with a history over 50 years and wide international recognition. We are greatly encouraged by the commendation from the GDA review committee stating that the Morita Array demonstrates strongly that Japanese-style comprehensive design and high precision manufacturing capability have made great contribution to the global venture to explore the unknown through cutting-edge technologies achieved by the united efforts of Japanese researchers and manufactures. We will continuously make our best efforts to bring people new pictures of the universe by using Morita Array as part of ALMA. ”

The picture below shows Naoto Fukasawa (right), the chairman of the GDA 2013 review committee and Director Hasegawa with the award certificate.

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