Lecture at Izumo Science Center & Astronomy Class for Elementary and Junior High School Students

Masato Ishiguro, a professor emeritus at NAOJ, gave a mini-lecture at a fall stargazing party held by the Izumo Science Center (Shimane, Japan) on the clear night of October 20.

On the next day, October 21, Professor Ishiguro gave a class of the ALMA Telescope for a total of 31 elementary and junior high school students, and did an experiment to receive radio waves from a broadcasting satellite located at a height of 36,000 km above the equator with their hand-made antennas made of paper and aluminum foil. Under the blue sky, all the children successfully received airwaves and seemed to have become more familiar with “invisible radio waves”.

During the class, children listened to the talk on the universe seen through radio waves and the world’s largest radio telescope ALMA with their sparkling eyes.

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