Lecture at the Japanese School of Buenos Aires

On May 20, Norikazu Mizuno, an associate professor at the NAOJ Chile Observatory, gave a lecture at the Japanese School of Buenos Aires, Argentina. More than 50 participants, including children in the lower grades of the school, parents and teachers, attended and listened to the talk about the life of a star and the ALMA Telescope.

A stargazing event after the lecture was favored by fine weather, which provided a good opportunity to see the Southern Cross, a clearly visible object in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as the moon and Saturn. According to the school, students liked the event very much as some kids happily talked to their parents at home about what they learnt from the lecture and others were willing to study more about stars with their astronomy guidebook after the event.

Buenos Aires is a capital city of Argentina which shares a border with Chile. From Santiago, it takes only about two hours to get there by airplane. Visiting Buenos Aires is as easy as flying to Calama which is also located within two-hour distance.

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