NAOJ Chile Observatory Director's Lecture at the Japan-Chile Chamber of Commerce and Industry

On May 17, 2016, the Japan-Chile Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Camara Chileno Japanesa de Comercio e Indusria A.G.) held its monthly meeting and invited NAOJ Chile Observatory Director Seiichi Sakamoto as a speaker to give a lecture titled “Seeing the Universe with Invisible Light – ALMA, Gigantic Radio Telescope in Andes”.

The Japan-Chile Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-profitable organization whose membership is composed of Japanese companies conducting economic activities or public activities in Chile. Their missions include exchanges of information and social gatherings related to various activities in Chile. Their monthly meetings cover the political/economic reports and the introduction of new members by the Japanese embassy in Chile, plus a lecture dealing with different topics each time. At the meeting this time, Director Sakamoto, who was assigned to this new position in April, talked about the ALMA Telescope and Chilean astronomy in front of the audience of 50 people.

Tags : ALMA Topics