Panoramic View of ALMA Telescope

Standing on the ALMA high site, we are overwhelmed by a vast expanse of the plateau of the Atacama Desert. Some people have impressions as if they are on Mars in front of the white antennas and facilities built on the red soil.

For those wishing to visit and feel the ALMA site, we newly provide 360-degree image contents. Enjoy panoramic view of the ALMA site together with photos and movies on the familiar Multimedia page of this site.

The image blew shows a panoramic view of the antennas at the ALMA Array Operations Site (AOS) at 5000 m asl, which was captured around the center of the array. Currently more than 60 antennas have been installed. White antennas look beautiful against blue sky.

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The image below was captured around the center of the Morita Array (Atacama Compact Array) developed by Japan. The Morita Array is compactly configured to accurately image radio emissions from extended sources, which are difficult to be observed by the 12-m array developed by Europe and North America.

For smartphone/tablet users

We will upload more panoramic images of the ALMA sites (AOS/Operations Support Facilities: OSF) as well as those along the way from the airport to the sites. Click the link below and experience the expanse and harshness of the natural environment where the unprecedented radio telescope has been constructed.

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