NAOJ Public Lecture "New Vision of the Universe Explored by ALMA"

At Science Agora 2012, an science event held in Odaiba,Tokyo, NAOJ gave a public lecture titled “New Vision of the Universe Explored by ALMA”. The presentations were given by two astronomers at the NAOJ Chile Observatory, Masaaki Hiramatsu and Yuichi Matsuda (the photographed speaker). They talked about the ALMA Telescope and the universe observed by ALMA, which has recently begun observations and released early science results.

During the lecture, many people in the audience attentively took notes or took photos of the screen. At the Q&A, they asked questions on the current status of ALMA and the related leading-edge researches one after the other. The lecture was webcast live via internet. You can see the video on Ustream (in Japanese).

Tags : ALMA Topics