Packing of Band 4 and Band 8 Receivers

One Band 4 and one Band 8 receivers were packed at the NAOJ Advanced Technology Center in Mitaka on November 8, and sent by air from Narita to Washington on November 11. After going through customs inspection, the two receivers arrived at the North American Front-End Integration Center operated by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, Virginia, on November 16.

The picture shows the Band 8 receiver before being placed in a special container called “transport tube.” Before shipment, the receivers were inspected against a checklist by the quality assurance officer (left) in the presence of a receiver manufacturing staff member (right).
[Photographed by Tomomi Sato (NAOJ)]

The Band 8 receiver contained in the gold colored transport tube was packed in a box with a vibration recorder to monitor vibration during transport. The blue object in the photo is urethane cushion material for protection. [Photographed by Tomomi Sato (NAOJ)]