Science Cafe "Let's talk with an Astronomer!"

The Tsukuba Expo Center in Ibaraki Prefecture held an event titled “Science Cafe” to promote the lively exchange between astronomers and the public. In the Science Cafe, people can talk with an astronomer freely over a cup of tea. Three lectures given by Seiichi Sakamoto (Associate Professor at ALMA-J Project Office) were attended about 30 people in total, and they listened attentively to the talk by the astronomer in the field of research. The picture shows Seiichi Sakamoto explaining the Incan constellations. In the Southern Hemisphere, there are so many visible stars in the sky that it is difficult to form a constellation by connecting some stars. For this reason, in the ancient Inca Empire, they used the region of the dark nebula where no stars can be seen to resemble the shape of an animal in the concept of the constellation.

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