Virtual Mitaka Open House Day 2020

NAOJ held its Mitaka Open House Day 2020 as a virtual open house on Saturday, October 24, 2020. A live streaming video was broadcast from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. for about 8.5 hours running. The program featured ongoing NAOJ’s research projects that have been taking on challenges to unveil various cosmic mysteries, ranging from those related to our own solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy to the search for the edge of the Universe. From the ALMA project, three researchers participated and gave talks in the live streaming, including Professor Misato Fukagawa, Assistant Professor Yuichi Matsuda, and Assistant Professor Masaaki Hiramatsu.

A website for Virtual Mitaka Open House Day 2020 (only available in Japanese)


1. Talks on Stars and Planets

Masaaki Hiramatsu, Assistant Professor at the ALMA project, served as a guide and explored the mysteries of stars and planets being investigated by Subaru Telescope, ALMA, and theoretical studies. A guest speaker, Professor Misato Fukagawa, explained the celestial objects exclusively captured with ALMA and the cosmic ingredients that form new planets.

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2. Beyond the Milky Way Galaxy

As the live streaming was coming to the end, we were moving toward the edge of the Universe. Beyond the Milky Way, our home galaxy, we traveled further to explore more distant galaxies. Following the introduction of a citizen science project Galaxy Cruise that provides a fun experience of classifying galaxies into groups on your own, as well as supercomputer ATERUI II and research on galaxies using AI, Yuichi Mtasuda, Associate Professor at the ALMA project, gave a talk about an astronomical image obtained from an ALMA observation of the edge of the Universe and explained how the observation was carried out.

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The ALMA project prepared a special page for the Mitaka Open House Day 2020 to provide web contents that allow you to learn more about ALMA while having fun. We hope these contents will make your time at home more enjoyable. (only available in Japanese)