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Nobeyama Open Campus 2016

Tags: ALMA Topics

An annual summer event, NAOJ Nobeyama Open Campus was held on August 27 this year. Despite the rainy weather, the exhibition area was filled with energy of mor…


Miniature AOS Newly Exhibited

Tags: ALMA Topics

A miniature model of the ALMA Array Operations Site (AOS) has been newly added to the exhibition at the NAOJ Mitaka Campus. The ALMA site in Chile is very far…


Mitaka Open House Day 2015

Tags: ALMA Topics

On October 23 and 24, Mitaka Open House Day was held at the NAOJ Mitaka Campus. The NAOJ Chile Observatory gave presentations of ALMA, including mini-lectures…


NAOJ-ALMA All Hands Meeting

Tags: ALMA Topics

On October 16, NAOJ-ALMA All hands Meeting was held with the participation of all staff engaged in NAOJ ALMA Project. The attendees include the staff of the N…


Swordsmen in Atacama 2015

Tags: ALMA Topics

There are a wide variety of staff members working at the ALMA Operations Support Facility (OSF), including astronomers to support observations, engineers to c…


Nobeyama Open Campus 2015

Tags: ALMA Topics

On August 22, Nobeyama Open Campus 2015 was held at NAOJ Nobeyama Radio Observatory (NRO). NAOJ Chile Observatory presented exhibitions showing the progress o…