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Nobeyama Open Campus 2013

Tags: ALMA Topics

On August 24, Nobeyama Open Campus 2013 was held at the NAOJ Nobeyama Radio Observatory (NRO) in Nagano prefecture, Japan. Although bad weather was expected fr…


Comet PANSTARRS and Comet Lemmon

Tags: ALMA Topics

The Comet Lemmon is currently visible together with the Comet PANSTARRS in the southern hemisphere. The Comet PANSTARRS will come into view also in Japan from …


Antenna and Comet PANSTARRS

Tags: ALMA Topics

A new photo of the Comet PANSTARRS arrived from the ALMA Operations Support Facility (OSF) in Chile. You can find the comet with a long tail at a low altitude …


Comet PANSTARRS Captured in Chile

Tags: ALMA Topics

The Comet PANSTARRS is a new comet discovered by the Pan STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii in June 2011, and is expected to come into view in Japan around March 10.…


A Herd of Vicunas

Tags: ALMA Topics

There are animals living vigorously in a rigorous environment in the Atacama Desert at 4400 m above sea level between the Operations Support Facility at 2900 m…


ALMA Users Meeting 2012

Tags: ALMA Topics

From November 20 through 22, ALMA Users Meeting 2012 was held at the NAOJ headquarters in Mitaka. The meeting is a forum to share information and promote excha…