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Nobeyama Open Campus

Tags: ALMA Topics

NRO (Nobeyama Radio Observatory) held its 2010 Open Campus on August 21. The weather was beautiful, and as many as 3,278 visitors came to enjoy the event. In t…


Starry Bridge of the Milky Way

Tags: ALMA Topics

Before the moon appeared in the sky, I took a walk to a nearby valley for a little exercise after dinner. The Milky Way looked like a starry bridge over the va…


2010 FIFA World Cup

Tags: ALMA Topics

Since Chile (the construction site of ALMA) participates in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the ALMA staff members in Santiago are glued to the TV screen when a match…


Four 12-meter Antennas at AOS

Tags: ALMA Discoveries

At the Array Operations Site (AOS), there are currently four 12-meter antennas, which are under the performance evaluation. Since each of the antennas is usual…


ALMA Building Completion Ceremony

Tags: ALMA Topics

On May 24, the completion ceremony of the ALMA Building was held in NAOJ Mitaka Campus. At the Building, the East Asian ALMA Regional Center (ARC) is set up to…


ALMA Antennas Covered with Snow

Tags: ALMA Topics

Array Operations Site in Chile had an unexpected snowfall from the end of April to the beginning of May, in contrast to the recent summer-like heat in Japan. …